Determining the origins of your diamonds

Determining the Origins of Your Diamonds

Proposing To A Socially Conscious Bride-To-Be? Make Sure Your Diamonds Are Conflict-Free

The average cost of an engagement ring rose to 56% in 2018, with typical spend valued at $7,829. Of all the engagement rings given, 71% of them were set with diamond as the main stone. Beloved, beautiful and timeless, diamonds are the quintessential gems for couples who want to tie the knot. Unfortunately, diamonds may also be the source of conflict, misery and unfair treatment. If you’re popping the question soon, there are several ways to ascertain whether the jewelry you choose for your special someone is conflict-free or ethically sourced.

Go To A Trusted Jeweler

In 2003, former President Bush and Congress passed a law that would adopt the Kimberley Process, requiring all diamond retailers in the US to purchase diamonds from manufacturers with warranties or certifications proving that their merchandise was obtained legally. This law is also enforced by the US Customs Service as part of the requirements when allowing diamonds to pass through American ports of entry. Hence, if you’re planning on buying a diamond engagement ring, go to a jeweler you trust, or opt for ethical jewelry brands. Shop owners should be able to provide information about where the diamond was sourced, and will be able to give you the Kimberley Process certificate. Its absence is a red flag indicating that the diamond you’re looking at might be coming from elsewhere or mined using unfair practices. Of course, if you’re on a tight budget, you can still get diamonds at very affordable prices. Laboratory made diamonds look and feel like natural diamonds at a fraction of the price. They are also graded and certified using the same process as natural and mined diamonds.

Full Disclosure Is Important

Good jewelers will always divulge the truth about their diamonds, meaning you can check if there are routine lab reports or papers that prove their origins. When evaluating the diamonds that you want to use for a custom-made engagement ring, ensure that the documentation is in order first before having the ring made. It is also important to establish whether the collection you’re looking at includes natural and lab grown pieces. If you’re buying online, most jewelers are also going to advertise that their products have the Kimberley Process certification or other systems of warranties.

Deciding on any diamond engagement ring is easy. However, it takes a social conscience and commitment to ensure that the gems you are buying are conflict-free, and are mined using the best and fairest practices of the trade.

From Author Karoline Gore