How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

You’re engaged! Congratulations!

For most, the engagement ring is their first “real” piece of jewelry they’ve ever had. As a result, you may be nervous about how to care for it. Diamonds and gemstones are pretty straightforward. Even through they are hard stones set in metal, they still need special care to look their best. Part of that care is regular attention from a jeweler, as well as from their owner. These quick tips should help you understand basic diamond maintenance.

  1. Have your ring inspected twice a year by your jeweler to make sure the setting is still very secure, and your stones are safe. (Extra credit: When you come into Mouradian, we also clean your diamond for you in our steam machine).
  2. Clean your ring at home with a diamond cleaner at least once per week to keep it sparkling.
  3. Remove your ring before applying heavy makeup, lotion, or creams to your hands to avoid excessive buildup that can dull the stones.
  4. Don’t wear it while doing chores at home. You risk damaging your ring with the harsh chemicals you may use to clean your house like Clorox Bleach or Windex. The chemicals can react negatively with your metal or stone, leaving it dull and cloudy
  5. Make sure to get your ring insured, and have it appraised every few years in order to keep the appraised value up to date in case of loss or theft.

Thoughtfulness about your new piece should help it stay stunning and gorgeous for the next 50+ years of your marriage, and an heirloom piece for your family. There’s nothing more beautiful than a well-cared for diamond.