How to Update Inherited Jewelry

Often, heirlooms (usually jewelry) are handed down between generations. It is a wonderful custom to share valuable pieces between grandmother, mother, and granddaughter.


But, the downside of this wonderful custom is that sometimes, certain eras can have dramatically different styles than the time period after them.


There’s no reason you should be wearing around an outdated piece of jewelry, or worse yet, NOT wearing a piece that was in your family because it’s not your style, or just doesn’t fit you.

Some jewelry shops have sprung up recently online, where you send in your family’s piece, and have the stone reset into a new setting, usually one of 20 or so pre-made settings that you can choose from.


At Mouradian, we’re a little different. We know that those family pieces, earrings, necklaces or rings, are extremely special to you, and deserve to be treated as heirlooms, not just loose stones. Here’s what you can expect if you’re making over a vintage piece with Mouradian:

  1. You can call Harout to make an appointment, or come in during normal business hours. Be sure to bring your special piece!
  2. Work with Harout to understand what you like and don’t like about the piece. Is it the style? Are there some additions that can be made to fix it? Some part of the piece that need to be removed? Does it simply need to be polished and resized?
  3. If you decide that you’d like a more dramatic makeover of the piece, you can work with Harout to remove the stones and have them reset in the setting you choose or design. Learn about that custom process here.
  4. In some unique situations, you might also want to keep the setting, and have it reset with a different stone–a different gem color or cut can sometimes highlight the metal of the setting better. At Mouradian, we can special order any stone that you prefer.

So, keep in mind, if you inherit a piece of jewelry, it is meant to be loved, not simply stored away in a drawer. Reshaping or resetting this piece can work within the timeline or budget that you specify. Help that heirloom shine again!