A Solitaire Engagement Ring: The History & The Process

Today, 80% of proposals involve a diamond engagement ring. Diamonds make sense to many women who wear their wedding jewelry daily, as diamonds are very resilient, and perfect for everyday wear. To many Americans, there’s nothing more classic than a six-prong diamond engagement ring set in a gold or white gold band.

This setting was pioneered by prominent American jeweler Mr. Tiffany, released to the public in 1886. The now-classic setting was untraditional for it’s time. The new mounting featured an elevated prong setting that lifted the diamond off the band, allowing for light to pass underneath the stone, creating maximum sparkle for a brilliant-cut diamond.

Today, many men opt to buy this setting, feeling that it is classic and will age well. At Mouradian, we sell the setting and the diamond separately, so potential fiancees can choose the metal of the band (Gold, White Gold, Platinum, or the now-trending Rose Gold) as well as the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamond. Mouradian usually has dozens of loose diamonds available in the shop, but if there is a particular combination that you’re looking for, it can easily be ordered and the ring assembled in fewer than 14 days.

So, if you’re looking for a Tiffany-style solitaire, but you still want to customize it to fit your unique fiance, it is possible to do so at Mouradian. Click hear to read about how a local Boston client did just that. 

If you’re looking for something different, perhaps with a different center stone, or more pave than a standard solitaire, check out our inventory of engagement rings, or come in to scope out a custom piece. 

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